Can the world be rescued by a financial expert? Does the world even know it needs to be saved from what lurks behind the curtain?

Gordon Zuckerman’s Amazon best-selling historical fiction series, The Sentinels, is back with a new installment just in time for today’s real world that is gripped with some of the same fear, corruption, and lack of leadership that his book zeroes in on.

The post-World War II military industrial complex is explored under Zuckerman’s analytical and action-filled globe-trotting thriller. It’s a book of principles vs. power, of greed vs. the selfless serving of one’s country. His latest novel examines what he calls a “Power Cycle” threat, where those who operate outside the law must be dealt with beyond society’s normal channels.

A successful entrepreneur, Harvard Business School, graduate, and student of history, Zuckerman presents a heroic solution to stem off the greed and unbridled corruption that feeds a handful of powerful government and corporate interests. He presents a serious topic in an entertaining and adventurous way. He shows how propaganda, lies, and a lack of leadership can lead a nation down a costly and violent path unless someone outside the justice system steps in.

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