Books by Gordon Zuckerman

The Sentinels: Voices Behind the Curtain

His latest work of historical fiction takes place in the immediate years following World War II and right through the early years of the Cold War and the McCarthy Hearings. We are thrust into a plot by a secret band of American industrialists looking to manipulate Congress into inflating military spending. In addition to expanding the post war cost of government, the successful quest could encourage the American and Russian governments to engage in an ever-escalating arms race. It is a plan that will allow military prime contractors to profits at the expense of hundreds of millions of private citizens.

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The Sentinels: A Matter of Importance

Book The Sentinels: a matter of importance

In an environment of stagnated government leadership, five highly accomplished entrepreneurial leaders step forward. They hope to solve the economic problems by implementing “Employ America,” a step-by-step strategy designed to restore the competitiveness of American manufacturers.

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The Sentinels: Crude Deception

Book The Sentinels: crude deception

An oil supply controlled by corrupt hands, murderous assassins who will do anything to keep that power intact – and a group of friends with a wild plan to thwart them all.

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The Sentinels: Fortunes of War

Book The Sentinels: Fortunes of War

In this riveting amalgam of political intrigue, poignant romance, and bare-knuckled action, six friends risk everything to thwart an international nazi conspiracy.

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Sep 15, 2011

Book Signing at The Haggin Museum

Sep 12, 2011

Book Signing at Warwick’s Bookstore

Jun 20, 2011

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